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Doubts About Constitutional Personhood

The only plausible path to imminent legal protection of the unborn has as its first step overturning Roe and restoring abortion policy to the states.

A Time to Build

Yuval Levin’s new book explains that the story of Congress’s decline is also found in other institutions of American life—the family, universities, and churches.

What Is the American Idea?

Richard Brookhiser’s Give Me Liberty is a defense of what he calls “America’s Exceptional Idea,” an elegant and lyrical case for the ideal that has shaped America: liberty.

Ruin or Renewal? Thoughts on America’s Third Century

Our political contests are increasingly bitter and render normal political decision making impossible. It is tempting, but wrong, to assume that past will be prologue, that our current divisions are temporary and will fade in short order.

Democrats and Republicans Threaten the Constitution

Constitutionalists must in the short term maneuver within a depressing political landscape and choose among very unappealing options while also doing the long-term work of restoring a healthy political culture with the Constitution at its center.

Conservatives: Think Before You Defend the Electoral College

It is in conservatism’s long-term interest to trade the electoral college for a major reform of our voting system that works for both parties.

Reclaiming Constitutional Prerogatives

The debate over the president’s emergency declaration is not about Nancy Pelosi and Donald Trump but about Congress and the presidency—and seen in those terms, there is no excuse for the president’s power grab.

The Presumption of Constitutionality

The principle that the courts must apply a statute unless the statute clearly conflicts with the Constitution has deep roots and inheres in the very foundation of the power of judicial review.

‘Judicial Fortitude’ Review: Time for Congress to Do Its Job

Imagine a world where the legislative branch actually legislates, courts interpret laws and executive agencies faithfully execute them.

Law Schools and Democracy

Recovering the distinct purposes and characters of our different institutions, rather than seeing them all as interchangeable platforms for screaming at each other about the culture war, is the essence of what a renewal of American civic life would require.