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Managerial Oligarchy: Why Conservatives Should Oppose Big Business

As conservatives contemplate how to respond to the threat of managerial oligarchy, we should, of course, be humble—but we must not be so afraid of our own imperfections that we are paralyzed into acquiescence under an evil system.

What Liberals (Still) Get Wrong About Trump’s Support

The data clearly show that President Trump’s political coalition is pretty much the traditional Republican coalition. And the often virulent behavior of anti-Trump partisans has made partisan Republicans especially unwilling to abandon their leader even when he stumbles.

Nobody Knows What to Do about Health Care

There’s something profoundly conservative about tinkering around the edges rather than embarking on a grand reform agenda.

The Tories Will Stay Lost Until They Relearn How to be Conservative

Conservatives in the U.K. could, if they chose, call upon a great tradition of social and political thinking that is far more plausible than the leftist ideology of the Momentum movement.

Stop Making Excuses for Greg Gianforte’s Assaulting a Reporter

President Trump has corrupted a great many people and shattered norms. Those whose moral compass has long since been stashed in the bottom drawer defending the indefensible piled on to applaud Greg Gianforte’s thuggishness.

Have You Ever Been Wrong?

Partisanship shapes our attitudes, probably much more than we like to admit. Many of us aren’t nearly as independent-minded as we like to think.

‘The Silencing’ of the American College

Compared to 2014’s pugilistic commencement season, 2015’s pomp and circumstance have seemed positively decorous—at least on the surface.

Conservatives and the Need for an Appealing Governing Philosophy

Republican primary voters should choose the conservative candidate best able to articulate and implement an appealing public philosophy for life in the 21st century.

Government Is Not The Enemy

Too often, Republicans express a purely negative vision of government. This is both politically perilous and intellectually inadequate.

God, Our Rights, and the Modern Liberal Mind

The notion of God-given rights is a philosophical thread that runs throughout the history of our country with astonishing consistency and, at least until now, a proposition very few people disputed.