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RIP, Rush Limbaugh. Your Legacy Lives On.

Just as Babe Ruth’s discovery that an uppercut swing could launch massive home runs created modern baseball, so, too, did Rush Limbaugh’s discovery that people wanted opinion to color the presentation of facts create the modern political news industry.

Why Establishment Conservatives Still Miss the Point of Trump

Conservatives must both propose and implement actual policies that make an actual, tangible difference in the lives of ordinary Americans.

Is Holocaust Denial Conservative Now?

President Trump’s no-enemies-to-the-right mentality has made it impossible for the right to police itself.

Quarantine Protesters Don’t Represent All Conservatives. Here’s Why.

Movement conservatives are increasingly decrying stay-at-home orders and calling for the economy’s rapid reopening. This is, alas, yet another example of how the movement’s devotion to liberty as an overriding value is out of step with mainstream American opinion.

Bully Wannabes

Bully chic has come into fashion in President Trump’s party.

Conservatives Owe Rush Limbaugh a Debt of Gratitude

Talk show radio host Rush Limbaugh shocked the conservative world when he announced that he has late-stage lung cancer. He should be comforted by the fact that he changed not just his field but the world.

Gertrude Himmelfarb, Rest in Peace

She was a paragon of intellectual accomplishment, personal grace, and solid integrity.

An American Conservative’s Dream, Seen Walking in London

Britain is not a nation conceived in liberty, but it is in the course of dedicating itself to the proposition that all men are created equal. That is the promise of the platform Boris Johnson’s Tories ran on.

Sorry, Trump Supporters. The Republican Party Needs RINOs.

Georgia’s Gov. Brian Kemp will reportedly appoint businesswoman Kelly Loeffler to the Senate seat being vacated by Sen. Johnny Isakson. Conservatives are unhappy about this, but Kemp’s decision could be a political masterstroke.

Conservatives’ Debate over Their Future Is Going to Be Bitter and Fierce

The blowback over Sen. Marco Rubio’s recent speech at Catholic University shows that debate over conservatism’s future is going to be bitter and fierce.