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The Service Industry Can’t Find Workers. Blame Low Vaccine Rates and High Unemployment Benefits.

Many employers, especially restaurants and small retail businesses, are having a hard time finding workers. This is likely the result of trends in covid-19 vaccinations and the generous unemployment benefits that were expanded due to the pandemic. Congress needs to nip this problematic trend in the bud if it doesn’t want the economic recovery to stall.

A Catholic Moment

If Protestantism no longer provides the ballast for this republic, and if Catholicism is not – at least, not presently – up to the task, then one of two options remains. Either our politics will continue to careen towards disaster or something else will, if it has not already, fill the void.

The Capitol Riot Shows How Fragile a Free Nation Can Be

Wednesday’s riot at the Capitol was unconscionable, unpatriotic and despicable.

Republicans Have Elected a Record Number of Women and Minorities. It Wasn’t an Accident.

Republicans have long been under scrutiny because of the relatively small number of GOP women and minorities holding House and Senate seats. The recent election, however, has changed everything.

Republicans Need to Go Bigger on Coronavirus. Much Bigger.

The current downturn was caused by the government to protect something more important — our lives. The economic response, therefore, needs to be as sweeping and comprehensive as the action that makes it necessary.

Trump’s Budget Proposal Shows How Badly We Need Bipartisan Compromise

Bringing the deficit down can only come about through a bipartisan deal that puts both tax hikes and spending cuts on the table.

A Time to Build

Yuval Levin’s new book explains that the story of Congress’s decline is also found in other institutions of American life—the family, universities, and churches.

Stop Tilting at Windmills, Conservatives. Come up With Actual Health-Care Solutions.

Conservatives should think about how to reform health policy rather than hope for a judicial lightning bolt to strike Obamacare down.

The Exposure of the Republican Party

What is on display on Capitol Hill is not simply an impeachment inquiry into an unscrupulous president; it is the ongoing, deepening complicity and corruption of the party he leads.

Republicans Are Howling About Government Spending yet Again. Here’s What They Get Wrong.

The Republican Party needs to show it understands what voters want by proposing a serious deficit-reduction package that includes tax increases on those who can afford it, in addition to a package of spending cuts. Ten years after Simpson-Bowles foundered, a new bipartisan compromise could achieve what a decade of futile gesturing has not: reduced deficits and moderate growth in government spending.