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Why Are Americans So Sad?

So-called diseases of despair have hit record rates nationwide, and the disintegration of the family may be one big reason why.

Tribes of the Lonely

Senator Ben Sasse’s new book Them: Why We Hate Each Other — and How to Heal is not so much a lament for a bygone era as an attempt to diagnose and repair what has led us to this moment of spittle-flecked rage.

The Peculiar Conservatism of the Lonely American

Conservatism offers up Burke’s little platoons as the engines of social progress, but in a society turned lonely, that offer becomes meaningless because it stops being relevant to people’s everyday experiences.

Congressional Testimony: The State of Social Capital in America Today

Politics cannot solve our country’s 21st century dilemmas. But it can play a role in helping us to solve them. And it can begin to play that role by coming to understand the purpose of government as enabling Americans to better help one another.