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Squandering Moral Capital

Great moral capital is being squandered by the Vatican today, in a world that desperately needs a moral compass.

Did Pope Francis Just Make China Protestant?

Pope Francis and his Italian curial diplomats may think that they are setting in motion a process that will give Catholicism a voice in China. It is just as possible, however, and indeed it is far more likely, that they have made a deal that will give a massive evangelical advantage to Protestantism in the China of the future.

Paradise Recycled

The lives of 19th-century utopians were more interesting than the utopias they imagined.

Have We No Decency?

While anonymity clearly unleashes some of the darker sides of human nature (which is one of the reasons mobs are so dangerous), and while real life is somewhat more civilized than “pseudo life,” indecency is now quite open in our politics, our entertainment, and in daily life.

Homelands and Social Doctrines

With John Paul II, a distinctive personal experience refined and extended the classic social doctrine tradition. John Paul was not imposing an idiosyncratic view on the world Church—which is in fact something no pope should do.

INTERVIEW: God & I: George Weigel

EPPC Distinguished Senior Fellow George Weigel discusses his faith, his friendship with Pope John Paul II, and the state of the Church today.

An Even Worse Vatican Deal with China

Why would the Catholic Church accept a deal in which the Communist Party nominated Catholic bishops?

A Vatican-Based Bishop Extols China

If a Vatican official, no matter how far down the totem pole, can, with impunity, spout inanities that provide cover for a wicked regime, something is gravely wrong in one of the few centers of power in the world whose primary stock-in-trade is truth-telling.

On the Vatican’s Reported Capitulation to Beijing

In light of the Vatican’s dismal track record in dealing with totalitarian regimes, prudence and caution would seem to be the order of the day in Vatican negotiations with the totalitarians in charge in Beijing. But there has been no discernible examination of conscience at the higher altitudes of Vatican diplomacy.

The Bishops Caught Between the Vatican and the Chinese Government

The Vatican wants to normalize the situation of the church in China and needs to improve relations with the government to do that. What the Vatican will be willing to give up to get that deal remains to be seen.