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Dawn of the Woke

Joe McCarthy was a B-movie monster. Today’s cancel culture is more like a zombie apocalypse.

The Vatican’s Choice: Jimmy Lai or Xi Jinping?

Around the world, voices have been raised in support of Hong Kong’s brave pro-democracy demonstrators. Has the Holy See’s voice been heard?

The Moral Failing of Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders was not a liberal during the Cold War. He was an outright Communist sympathizer.

National Interest, National Purpose: Reimagining Morality and Foreign Policy

The United States was the first modern polity to claim political legitimacy on the basis of its recognition of certain truths, hard-wired into the human condition, about the human person and freedom. It would be unworthy of us not to take that history seriously as we think about our responsibilities in the world in the twenty-first century.

Why Did the Wall Fall, 30 Years Ago?

Public officials who do not grasp the centrality of religious freedom to the collapse of European communism and the emergence of new democracies in central and eastern Europe are unlikely to appreciate the centrality of religious freedom to free and virtuous 21st-century societies and to 21st-century democracy.

Freedom, Including Religious Freedom, Is Never Free

There was a deep and decisive causal connection between the first of the Nine Days of John Paul II in Poland in June 1979 and the stunning fall of the Berlin Wall. And the bright thread within that connection was religious freedom.

A New Cardinal Honors an Entire Nation

Sigitas Tamkevicius’s enrollment in the College of Cardinals was a papal tribute to a brave man who exemplifies the best the Society of Jesus offers the Church and the world.

Now in Britain, as Then in Czechoslovakia, the True Intellectual Is a Dissident

The witch-hunting hysteria of Communist Prague has returned with a vengeance, not in Eastern Europe but in Britain, where open inquiry and the presumption of innocence have been, until this moment, the foundation of moral order and the guarantee of civil peace.

High Noon in Poland, Thirty Years Later

There was, in living memory, a brief, shining moment of moral clarity in Polish politics. It might have been hoped that the lessons of the 1980s would have led Poland to model a new depth of debate in politics, rather than recycling the shallowness and shrillness found in much of the democratic world today.

Lessons of Chernobyl

The excellent HBO series Chernobyl offers an overdue glimpse into the leviathan of lies that was the Soviet system.