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Congress Is Weak Because Its Members Want It to Be Weak

Presidential hyperactivity in recent decades has masked a rising tide of dysfunction—giving us policy action to observe and debate while obscuring the disorder that was overtaking our core constitutional infrastructure. It kept us from facing what should be an unavoidable fact: Congress is broken.

Jewish Conservatism: A Manifesto

The question Norman Podhoretz asked in his 2009 book—Why Are Jews Liberals?—seems only more consequential after President Obama’s two terms in office.

The Imagination of C.S. Lewis

C.S. Lewis possessed a rare, prized gift – the ability to make goodness, and the Good Life, seem thrilling, radiant, and enchanting; to convince people that the right ordering of our loves can lead to greater fulfillment and to genuine human flourishing.

A Clarifying Moment for Conservatism

Those on the right who have become Trump defenders have, I think, made a serious error in judgment that is the result of a rather profound misunderstanding of conservatism. You can cherish and champion conservative principles, or you can support and praise Donald Trump. But you can’t do both.