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National Interest, National Purpose: Reimagining Morality and Foreign Policy

The United States was the first modern polity to claim political legitimacy on the basis of its recognition of certain truths, hard-wired into the human condition, about the human person and freedom. It would be unworthy of us not to take that history seriously as we think about our responsibilities in the world in the twenty-first century.

Why Did the Wall Fall, 30 Years Ago?

Public officials who do not grasp the centrality of religious freedom to the collapse of European communism and the emergence of new democracies in central and eastern Europe are unlikely to appreciate the centrality of religious freedom to free and virtuous 21st-century societies and to 21st-century democracy.

Fridays without Charles

Everyone has Charles Krauthammer stories, and I’m no exception.

What Is America’s Role in the World Now?

Trump opponents left and right believe the system of alliances and interlocked global trading networks that America created—at its insistence—after World War II continues to work in America’s interests. These men and women may be right, but they have a tiny little problem: increasing numbers of Americans disagree.

An Even Worse Vatican Deal with China

Why would the Catholic Church accept a deal in which the Communist Party nominated Catholic bishops?

The Cooler Cold War

The call for serious and creative thinking about Russia is welcome and sensible. The claim that the Cold War is over is not, because Vladimir Putin never got that memo.

A Cinematic Lesson in Hope

A splendid new documentary explains how and why Pope John Paul II played a pivotal, indeed indispensable, role in the greatest drama of the last quarter of the twentieth century, the collapse of European communism.

Has the Vatican Already Forgotten the Lessons of John Paul II?

The Vatican’s institutional memory seems to retain little from either the teaching or the accomplishment of John Paul II. And that ill serves Pope Francis, whose public persona and popularity, like John Paul’s, create openings for real change to happen.

St. John Paul II and the “Tyranny of the Possible”

Ten years after his holy death on April 2, 2005, Karol Wojtyla, Pope St. John Paul II, looms even larger than he did a decade ago.

Obama’s Cold War Replay

The opening of diplomatic relations with Cuba is the latest, and one fears, not the last in a string of preemptive concessions to vicious regimes by the Obama administration.