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Strong Medicine: The World Needs to Hear the Message of Laudato Si’

The Pope’s forceful, and in many ways radical, critique of our modern world is not built upon a particular reading of the scientific literature, but upon the Church’s understanding of the gift of creation and the place of man within creation.

A Sign of Contradiction

To read “Laudato Si’” through the anthropologically flimsy lens of today’s policy debates—however important or urgent—is to miss the true foundations upon which Pope Francis grounds his call to defend creation.

5 Things About Pope Francis’ Encyclical on the Environment the Media Probably Won’t Tell You

On both the form and the substance, Francis represents a continuity with papal teaching, not a break.

Conservatives and Climate Change

When it comes to climate change, the Republican Party should confront the facts as scientists generally understand them, as well as the limits of that understanding, and it should seek to empower innovators looking for solutions.

The Pope’s Encyclical, at Heart, Is About Us, Not Trees and Snail Darters

More than just a treatise on climate change, the pope’s encyclical is a call to a more integral, indeed more humanistic, ecology.

All the Latest Fashions

A few observations on Mad Men as a progressive fable about the American “Dark Ages” prior to the various liberations of the 1960s.

How Conservatives Can Win the Debate on Early Childhood Education

Conservatives should put some meat on their pro-family rhetoric, not just point out the cost-benefit problems of universal preschool.

The Pontifical Spin Cycle

The non-stop brouhaha over the pope’s impending “environmental” encyclical — the pre-spin that has one camp exultant and another in darkest despair — seems quite out of proportion to what we actually know, ahead of time, about the Catholic Church, environmental issues, and the encyclical-to-come.