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Clarence Thomas is Right About Big Tech

How should conservatives think about the intersection of property rights, government regulation, and Big Tech? Part of answering this question requires us to gain a better understanding of the American legal tradition’s sources, recovering them from recent distortions. Justice Clarence Thomas recently sought to educate us on just this.

Justice Thomas Questions Censorship Power of Big Tech

A concurrence by Justice Thomas leaves us with a tantalizing question: does the First Amendment already apply to Big Tech companies because they now have more power to suppress public speech than government?

Clarence Thomas, Living Proof of the American Dream

A new PBS documentary, Created Equal, shows how Thomas went from abject poverty to his seat on the Supreme Court.

Celebrating Justice Thomas’s 25 Years on the Supreme Court

Justice Clarence Thomas has built a remarkable corpus of work on a broad range of constitutional provisions, including the commerce clause, the First Amendment’s freedom of speech, and the 14th Amendment’s privileges or immunities clause. His separate opinions, both concurrences and dissents, stand as an enduring legacy.