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The Presidency Deserves Respect—Even When the President Does Not

Civic grace means that each of us should look for places to act in our daily lives with a touch more class, a bit less venom, and a little more understanding toward those who see the world differently than we do.

Healing the Divisions in Our Country

In his new book Love Your Enemies, Arthur C. Brooks beholds America’s 21st-century tribal feuds with a clear, intelligent eye and a hospitable attitude that is rightly focused on the spiritual dimensions of the problem.

Learning to Argue

From college students’ inability or unwillingness to tolerate disagreement to the increased partisanship of political elites, American society appears to have forgotten that a bedrock practice of liberal democracy is the hurly-burly back and forth of the intellectual arena. Some K-12 schools are taking notice and responding by recommitting to teaching the intellectual and moral habits that allow students to enter contentious debate and to disagree agreeably with their peers in high school and afterward.

America Is Addicted to Outrage. Is There a Cure?

A healthy society reserves anger for special occasions. Today taking offense has become a reflex.

Civil Was

We have been put on notice that whenever and wherever Democrats are once again entrusted with power, they may be expected to use it without restraint against their political enemies.

Tribes of the Lonely

Senator Ben Sasse’s new book Them: Why We Hate Each Other — and How to Heal is not so much a lament for a bygone era as an attempt to diagnose and repair what has led us to this moment of spittle-flecked rage.

The Book of Donald

‘So the Amerikites revealed themselves, one to another, and it was not a pretty sight.’

Memo to Democrats: Upholding Norms Is a Two-Way Street

At the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, Senate Democrats have undermined the decency they claim to uphold.

Political Harassment is for the Birds

What happened at the Red Hen is reminiscent of the way mobbing crows attack an eagle or an owl.

Have We No Decency?

While anonymity clearly unleashes some of the darker sides of human nature (which is one of the reasons mobs are so dangerous), and while real life is somewhat more civilized than “pseudo life,” indecency is now quite open in our politics, our entertainment, and in daily life.