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Why Reparations Talk Is Harmful

History is too vast and too complicated to allow for tidy accounting of sins and victimization.

The Irrepressible Conflict

Reflections on the War Between the Stars—Kanye and Taylor, that is.

Shall We Have Civil War or Second Thoughts?

Have we reached the tilting point on the subject of race? Americans don’t quite know anymore what they mean when they say “we.”

Happy Flag Day

In this moment in particular — a time when the question of the very nature of American patriotism and nationalism is much in the air — the flag can offer us one path through challenging terrain.

Ulysses Grant’s America and Ours

In Ron Chernow’s telling, Ulysses Grant became among other things an inquiry into the great American problem: how to reconcile virtue and power.

Confederate Statues Honor Soldiers’ Valor, Not Beliefs

A 125-year-old statue commemorating Confederate soldiers stands as a symbol of reconciliation between the two halves of the recently-divided nation.

Is the Party of Lincoln Now the Party of Lee?

Hanging racism around Republican necks is the fulfillment of the dearest wish of the Left and could discredit the party for years to come.