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“Action Civics” Replaces Citizenship with Partisanship

State lawmakers must protect education from activism.

People and Their Relationships

When our conception of relationships and relationship-building is based on a vision of the human person as an atomized choice maker who forms bonds for his or her benefit, we should not wonder why institutions decay. Our institutions are in crisis because we are in an identity crisis.

A Time to Build

Yuval Levin’s new book explains that the story of Congress’s decline is also found in other institutions of American life—the family, universities, and churches.

Why Are Americans So Sad?

So-called diseases of despair have hit record rates nationwide, and the disintegration of the family may be one big reason why.

Tribes of the Lonely

Senator Ben Sasse’s new book Them: Why We Hate Each Other — and How to Heal is not so much a lament for a bygone era as an attempt to diagnose and repair what has led us to this moment of spittle-flecked rage.

Civil Discourse and the Fate of Republics

All political conduct in a republic depends on a common reverence for the forms and norms and procedures of public life—including the institution of public assembly. Where disrespect or disregard for the form of political life exists, fundamental breakdown is likely to follow.

Going Local in a Troubled Time

Finding local solutions to national problems offers an approach better fitting of the diversity of American communities.

The American Context of Civil Society

In both the conservative and progressive imagination, civil society is valued—for opposite reasons—as an arbiter between the individual and the national state. But by viewing civil society as the core of America’s social life, we can see our way toward a politics that might overcome some of the dysfunctions of our day.

Loneliness Is Fueling The Opioid Epidemic. Here’s How You Can Help.

Social despair more so than economic despair is the main driver behind our current opioid crisis; the task before us looms large, but there is a way to repair and rebuild social capital.

Civics Education Must Be Liberal Education

Knowledge of the constitutional principles of America is important for students. But the ability to engage in rational public discourse that addresses questions pertinent to the life of the republic is even more so.