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Christmas in a Dark Time

Christmas should speak of the power of love, of forgiveness—a truce, a tenderness. There’s not much of that right now in the noisy, nasty public square.

The Forgotten Radicalism of Jesus Christ

First-century Christians weren’t prepared for what a truly radical and radically inclusive figure Jesus was, and neither are today’s Christians. We want to tame and domesticate who he was, but Jesus’ life and ministry don’t really allow for it.

Making Room at the Inn

Christmas is when we encounter God at His most approachable and familiar: as a newborn baby.

What the Magi Teach Us

The Magi, wrote Pope Benedict XVI, are not mythical figures in “a meditation presented under the guise of stories.” Rather, the Magi story helps us to “understand the mystery of Jesus more deeply.”

Books for Christmas—2020

EPPC Distinguished Senior Fellow George Weigel offers his annual list of suggestions for Christmastide book-giving.

Christmas, Freedom, and Obedience

The Christmas story is a lengthy meditation on a counterintuitive but essential truth: True freedom, genuine liberation, comes through freely chosen obedience to God’s purposes.

Christmas Turns the World Upside Down

What does it mean for God’s power to be “made perfect in weakness”?

Books for Christmas—2019

Resist the twitterization of thought—give books for Christmas! The following titles will delight, instruct, edify (or all of the above).

Soho Pilgrimage: A Christmas Meditation

Advent and Christmas remind the Church of the deep truth that life is journey, pilgrimage, and adventure. That’s why processions are a helpful way to celebrate these two linked liturgical seasons.

Stephen Hawking’s Surprise

No matter how much a mess we make of history, there is a grandeur to the cosmos that human stupidities and infidelities cannot obscure. To imagine that that grandeur just happened is to think too low.