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Debate Debrief

There was plenty of substantive criticism and crossfire among the candidates, but, without Donald Trump, Thursday’s Fox News debate was far more substantive and far less juvenile.

Listening to Four Republican Candidates

Among four of the GOP candidates, exceptionally talented political performers all, there is a debate going on about the establishment and the public.

Chris Christie Recycles a Tired Leftist Attack on Pro-Lifers

In his comments on drug addiction, Chris Christie echoes a tired and familiar charge from the left that functions as a cheap shot at pro-lifers.

CNBC Inadvertently Showcased the Republicans’ Best Qualities

The network demonstrated a number of traits people loathe about the press — and the candidates, most of them anyway, came out smelling like roses.

Who Will Be the Candidate with a Plan?

In addition to experience and leadership skills, the GOP candidates for president need to articulate a realistic plan for taxes, health care, and the federal budget.

What Is the Huckabee Plan for Social Security?

Governor Huckabee claims to be representing average Americans against the rich and powerful, but his opposition to reasonable Social Security reforms would force tax hikes on the middle class.