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Did Trump Get Owned by China?

China is a malign power whose prestige and influence has only increased during President Trump’s tenure.

The Next Pope and Vatican Diplomacy

The institutional default positions in Vatican diplomacy do not reflect two lessons taught by the late 20th century: the only authority the Holy See has in world politics today is moral authority; that moral authority is depleted when the Church fails to speak the truth to power, especially totalitarian and authoritarian power.

Tensions With China Are Rising. What’s the Next Step?

China is the only nation in the world that can seriously threaten the United States, and its open drift toward seeking global leadership makes its intent crystal clear. Better to confront the problem now rather than delude ourselves and wait until our adversary is stronger.

Audrey Donnithorne: Woman of Valor

In ninety-seven years of an extraordinary life, Audrey Donnithorne navigated a kaleidoscope of experiences that rank her as one of the most remarkable Catholics of modern times and a genuine heroine of the faith.

The Vatican’s Choice: Jimmy Lai or Xi Jinping?

Around the world, voices have been raised in support of Hong Kong’s brave pro-democracy demonstrators. Has the Holy See’s voice been heard?

Communist China Is Showing Its True Colors. It Must Not Go Unpunished.

If China wants Hong Kong to be treated as a simple Chinese province, then the United States should return the favor and end Hong Kong’s special trade preferences.

Trump’s Not the Only One Blaming China. Americans Increasingly Are, Too.

As the U.S. death toll mounts and the election fast approaches, it’s natural that both parties would try to pin the blame on a convenient target. For Democrats, the target will be Trump. For Republicans, the target will be China.

China’s Lies, and Ours

Will the world remember the dishonesty that permitted this pestilence to hit us so very hard?

Doubling Down on a Bad Deal

The bloom is off the Chinese rose just about everywhere in the world. So it is more than disturbing that the Holy See should be doubling down on what everyone (except those directly involved in cutting it) thinks is a very bad deal between the Vatican and China.

Trade Policy Is Always Political First

In the 1990s a trade regime that hitherto consistently understood itself as a political tool, the function of which was to achieve political aims, began running on autopilot and understanding itself as a purely economic tool.