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China Is at War with the FDA. Guess Who’s Winning.

China is allowing only those tested for COVID-19 and vaccinated with its proprietary vaccines to enter their country. This represents a problem when it comes to the regulation of drugs for American consumers: China’s vaccine entry requirements make it nearly impossible for the FDA to fully staff regulatory operational activity in China.  

Hong Kong Calvary 2021

It is nothing short of scandalous that Jimmy Lai, Martin Lee, and other brave men and women are facing persecution without any public support from the Vatican.

China’s Looming Population Slide Could Make It an Even More Dangerous Global Threat

Demography is not destiny, but it does create inescapable pressures. In China’s case, falling population will force it either to curtail or rapidly intensify its expansion of global power.

The Holy See and Thug Regimes

The list of grave issues that must be addressed during a future papal interregnum, and by the cardinal-electors in a conclave, continues to grow.

On Cages and Evangelization in China

Like Catholicism-vs.-communism in east central Europe during the Cold War, Catholicism-vs.-communism in China is, ultimately, a zero-sum game.

Joe Biden Is Going to Need a New China Strategy

President-elect Joe Biden’s new national security team is a distinguished collection of men and women with long experience in global affairs. One wonders, however, if that experience will help or hinder them in grasping the challenges posed by a newly assertive China.

Why the Digital Mob Fears the Power of Little-Read Books

Modern technology obscures both the past and the future by locking us in the frenzies of the present and interfering with reflective thought.

If You Sup With The Devil

The current pontificate’s outreach to China is, for Mr. Lai Chee Ying, fatally flawed at the expense of China’s Christian believers.

The Fatuities of Professor Faggioli

There is something deeply awry in Massimo Faggioli’s understanding of contemporary China and his defense of the Vatican Ostpolitik of the late 1960s and 1970s.

Who Will Speak for the Uighurs?

Speaking up for the world’s most vulnerable might help to remind us of who we once were and can be again.