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Tariffs and the Debt

Whatever one thinks of tariffs, “paying down large amounts of the $21 Trillion in debt that has been accumulated” is not something they could achieve. Maybe the president knows that, maybe he doesn’t.

Remember the Deficit?

A new Congressional Budget Office report nicely summarizes what should be obvious to all: the Republican Congress and president do not seem to care about deficits or debt, and are not only failing to take steps to address the government’s poor fiscal situation but are taking steps likely to worsen it some.

The Congressional Budget Office Needs to Be Reformed

Its scoring of recent health-care bills points to flaws baked into the modern budget process.

The House Should Slow Down and Fix the GOP Health-Care Bill

The bill suffers from a lack of clarity about how to handle the Senate’s reconciliation rules. Greater clarity would require Republicans to decide between doing more or doing less than this bill envisions.

Entitlement Reform Remains an Absolute Necessity

Entitlement reform is not optional. If we wait until a crisis is upon us, the cuts will be blunt and disruptive.

The ACA and Its Employment Effects

Obamacare is very likely to reduce hours worked and total compensation, as predicted by the Congressional Budget Office. But it may take some time for these effects to be clearly visible in aggregate economic data.

President Obama’s Legacy of Red Ink

Any fair assessment of the Obama years must acknowledge that the administration is leaving the nation in a perilous fiscal situation. A fiscal crisis of some sort looms on the horizon.

The Fallout From the Budget Deals

The 2015 budget deals increased federal debt by hundreds of billions of dollars over the next decade and made clear that the U.S. is facing massive long-term budget deficits.

The Debt Is Still a Major Threat

Political leaders should take steps now to head off the debt crisis that will occur if policies are not changed. Waiting for the crisis to hit before acting would lead to much more painful austerity.

The Budget Act at Forty: Time for Budget Process Reform

The Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act of 1974 was written for a different era. It’s time to update the process to reflect fiscal and political realities.