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No, The Catholic Church’s Support Of Celibacy Doesn’t Make It Like Feminism

A new book by a Reformed Protestant author is poorly sourced and poorly argued, and makes many unfounded claims in its attempt to link the Catholic Church with the ills of feminism.

Excerpt from “Can Catholic Women Lean In? Working Women in the Church”

The Church could not possibly image God’s presence to the faithful without the complementary gifts of women being brought to bear on ministry, evangelization, and service.

Catholic Education: Antidote to ‘Ideological Colonization’ in America

It should trouble us that public schools, which are heavily invested in promoting a warped view of sexuality and a deformed view of the person and human freedom, direct the social, intellectual and, at times, moral formation of our children.

Missing Pieces

In the essay “Missing Pieces,” published in First Things as part of the “Letters from the Synod” collection, Mary Rice Hasson, the the Director of EPPC’s Catholic Women’s Forum, and Prof. Theresa Farnan of Franciscan University, analyze fundamental deficiencies in the working document of the Bishops’ Synod on the Family.

Letter to Synod Fathers from Catholic Women

The “Letter to the Synod Fathers from Catholic Women,” coordinated by the Catholic Women’s Forum, brings to the public square the much-needed voice of Catholic women who support the Church’s teachings on sexuality, marriage, and family.

Catholic Women Speak Out

A conversation about a new book of essays by Catholic women and the need for complementarity and collaboration between men and women in the Church and society today.