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Somebody Needs to Be Dad

The extraordinary fact of Catholic life in the United States is not the few bishops who humiliate us so bitterly, but the many who do the job so well

Repealing Abortion Notification Law Would Be Tragic Mistake

Eliminating the Illinois Parental Notification of Abortion Act would strip away critical protections for young girls and enable predatory men.

Mercy, But About What?

One could say that Jesus’ interactions with the Pharisees were a form of true accompaniment. They are a model for “dialogue” with a certain kind of interlocutor: for how a Good Shepherd accompanies the powerful, the obstinate, and the self-righteous.

American Democracy’s Moral and Cultural Foundations

John Courtney Murray’s warnings from more than a half-century ago, and his analysis of the roots of a possible crack-up of American political culture, are remarkably prescient and well worth pondering today.

The McCarrick Report: No Smoking Gun, but Massive System Failure

Theodore McCarrick counted on the members of the episcopal club not to break the club rules. The path forward lies in dismantling those rules and consigning them to oblivion, along with the rest of the clerical caste system.

On the Feast of the Little Flower

St. Thérèse of Lisieux’s life was small and hidden, seemingly insignificant. But her “Little Way” changed the world.

The Case for Dynamic Orthodoxy

The living parts of the world Church today are those that embrace Vatican II in full, having read it in continuity with the Church’s settled tradition.

What Won’t We Tolerate?

The politics of abortion – more than any other issue or policy – have degraded the ability of most American Catholics to reason well about the exercise of prudence.

Waiting for the McCarrick Report

The delay in the Vatican’s report on the case of Theodore McCarrick is an obstacle to reconciliation within the Church because it is a constant reminder of the institutional maintenance and clerical impunity that have been hallmarks of the Church’s mishandling of abuse cases for decades.

Brave New World Revisited

A new TV production of Brave New World offers a mildly absorbing science fiction tale with lots of glistening flesh and technology. As an adaptation of Aldous Huxley’s sobering message, though, it fails.