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The Hard Road of National Renewal

“Liberty and Justice for All,” a call for national renewal drafted by scholars concerned about the dangerous deterioration of American public life, insists that we must treat each other as mutually responsible individuals, not as embodiments of racial or ideological categories.

Games Intellectuals Play

The proponents of a confessionally Catholic state as the optimum form of government are small in number. But they’ve demonstrated an impressive ability to rile up the debate about the current American political situation, and about Catholic social doctrine generally, so a few questions are in order.

Whose Republic? Which “Liberalism”?

Thanks to click-bait bloggers and incontinent tweeters, some serious damage is currently being done to authentic Catholic social doctrine, which some misidentify with a new authoritarianism and others warp by bending to the progressive cause of the day.

Wojtyłan Fantasies, Revisited

Political appeals to base motives and economic appeals to crass acquisitiveness have done serious harm to the freedom project in the West. In that sense, John Paul II’s mature social-ethical thought is more important than ever for serious thinkers and leaders to engage, in a conversation crucial to the future of the West, and indeed the entire world.

Homelands and Social Doctrines

With John Paul II, a distinctive personal experience refined and extended the classic social doctrine tradition. John Paul was not imposing an idiosyncratic view on the world Church—which is in fact something no pope should do.

A Consistent Ethic of Life Must Begin with Defending Life Itself

The greatest, most glaring inconsistency in Catholic witness to human dignity and the sanctity of life is the widespread Catholic facilitation of, and support for, the killing of innocent children through abortion.

I Know How to Be Abased and I Know How to Abound

Though I used to hold Catholic social teaching in contempt, my journey to the Church forced me to rethink those presuppositions.

I am Catholic—and I Don’t Know What I’m Supposed to Believe About Immigration

Catholics are split between two camps that seem intent on shouting at each other, and there are serious questions that men and women of profound faith and genuine intellect on both sides must consider.

Speaker Ryan Invites a Social Doctrine Conversation

America needs many serious conversations in this age of the demagogic tweet and the rabid talk-radio sound-bite. One of them is about the scandal of poverty amidst vast wealth and the empowerment of the poor.

Michael the Kind

Well-deserved tributes are pouring forth for the late Michael Novak. It’s frankly hard to know where to begin in praising him.