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The Next Pope and the Great Commission

Recent papal history suggests that certain qualities are needed in the Bishop of Rome at this turbulent period in history. Reflecting on those qualities helps everyone understand this Catholic moment and its demands more clearly.

Dear Father: Please Stop It

Mass is far more than a social gathering; it’s an act of worship, the majesty of which should be reflected in the language of the liturgy—which is not the language of the shopping mall or the Super Bowl party.

Books for Christmas

Continuing an annual tradition, here are George Weigel’s top recommendations for the readers on your Christmas shopping list.

Synod 2015 Revisited

A month after Synod-2015 finished its work, there is still no official translation of its Final Report — which is a shame because, in the main, the Relatio Finalis is an impressive, often-moving statement of the Church’s convictions about chastity, marriage, and the family.

The Grittiness of Christian Faith

In Jerusalem, as in no other place, the believer, the skeptic, and the “searcher” are confronted with a fact: Christianity began, not with a pious story or “narrative,” but with the reality of transformed lives.

The Saints and All of Us

The lives of the holy spouses of Lisieux are a great witness to the incredible capacity of the Catholic Church for self-renewal.

A Blessed Loss

The life and work of Pope Pius VII and his secretary of state Ercole Consalvi were admirable, but the preservation and defense of the Papal States impeded essentially spiritual character and work of the papacy.

Issues Beneath Issues at Synod 2015

Beneath the visible questions regarding marriage and the family lie more basic questions of the Church’s self-understanding.

Popes in These United States

The popes in America have spoken words of both challenge and encouragement, and that will surely continue with Pope Francis’s visit this month.

Remembering “The Few”

The magnificent stories of the heroes of the Battle of Britain are now largely forgotten.