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Sr. Deirdre Byrne’s Gift of Witness

It’s not very often in politics that we get to hear from someone as heroic as Sister Deirdre Byrne, a religious sister, a missionary, a medical doctor, and a military veteran, who addressed the nation during the Republican National Convention.

A Different Kind of Transparency

Catholics now have a guidebook, written for non-experts (or at least non-canonists), which provides a simplified explanation of how Rome expects the rest of the Church to handle allegations of clergy sexual abuse.

Credit, Where It’s Due

The actions of the media, lawyers, and victims’ advocacy groups have sometimes been, taken in isolation, very damaging to the Church. But the actions of these same groups have often, over the long term, been a strong force moving the Church in the right direction.

An Open Letter to the Priests of the Catholic Church

The Catholic Church has survived, endured, and even thrived through every imaginable vicissitude of history, and priests have been an integral part of that survival, that endurance, and that thriving.


“Churchmanship” connotes an etiquette, a once-taken-for-granted code of manners, that embodies an important truth of Catholic faith. When the etiquette crumbles, the truth can get lost amid the debris. 

Doubling Down on a Bad Deal

The bloom is off the Chinese rose just about everywhere in the world. So it is more than disturbing that the Holy See should be doubling down on what everyone (except those directly involved in cutting it) thinks is a very bad deal between the Vatican and China.

New Year’s Resolutions for Concerned Catholics: A Few Suggestions

May 2020 be a year full of grace for everyone. (We’ll all need it.)

A Changing Church

If the lay vocation is lived fully and well – with all the lay faithful taking seriously the gift and responsibility of their Baptism – what then might the Church look like?

Remembering Rob Odle

Rob Odle was a sterling exception to that world of legal gamesmanship, and it was, and is, attorneys like him who make Washington work, when it does.

The Bishops Stand – in Their Own Way – with Peter

Collegiality and synodality cannot be of service to the Church if they are simply window dressing for the ecclesial groupthink which too often insists: “Do what we mean, not what we say.”