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A Time for Courage on the Supreme Court

The justices should emulate the courage of their predecessors in Brown v. Board of Education, restore the Court to its proper role as faithful interpreter of the Constitution and begin to repair the vast damage caused by Roe and Casey.

Could the Fate of Society Depend on How We Think About Bodies?

In an interview with Angelus, EPPC Fellow Carter Snead discusses his new book, What It Means to be Human: The Case for the Body in Public Bioethics, and calls for a new “anthropology” and better laws that would lead to greater compassion for the weak and greater respect for the sanctity and dignity of human life.

The Way Forward After June Medical

Now is the time to get back on our feet and return to the work of building a civilization of love, radical hospitality, and legal protection for unborn children and their mothers.

The Supreme Court Should Protect Unborn Children with Down Syndrome

Regardless of our nation’s polarized views on the policy and politics of abortion, it is clear that our Constitution does not include a right to abort children merely because of disfavored characteristics.

The Alfie Evans Case Is Straight Out of a Dystopia

What began with a hospital’s deadly policy against a child with apparently permanent disabilities ended with a shocking totalitarian intervention by the state, annihilating his parents’ rights in order to ensure Alfie Evans’s demise.

Why the Pope is Fighting for Charlie Gard

Once again, Pope Francis is offering a powerful, profound and much-needed lesson to the entire world about how to love unconditionally our brothers and sisters on the peripheries and the grave perils of what he calls a “throwaway culture” that casts aside the weak and defenseless.

For SCOTUS, a New Era of Judicial Interference

The Supreme Court’s decision in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt marks a dramatic escalation in the controversial jurisprudence of abortion.

It’s Time to Defund Planned Parenthood

No amount of attacking the messenger or hair-splitting legal argument can change the fact that Planned Parenthood’s own medical directors have unwittingly offered rare and much-needed clarity about the nature of the business that Planned Parenthood has chosen, and shared (if inadvertently) the truth about precisely whose lives are destroyed as a result.