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Beyond Amazonia

The reform of the priesthood, including a deepening of the Church’s commitment to the value of celibacy as a radical witness to the Kingdom, begins, as does all authentic Catholic reform, with deeper conversion to Jesus Christ and the gospel.

The Bullies and That Book

The partisans of openness and dialogue are now telling two of Catholicism’s most distinguished sons that their views are unwelcome; that the theological and pastoral defense of clerical celibacy is an act of disloyalty to Pope Francis; and that they should just shut up.

Sex, Celibacy, and the Latest Curiosity From Rome

Matters sacramental and supernatural cannot be reduced to the pragmatic, the functional, and the utility-driven. But critics of priestly celibacy—however good their intentions—inevitably do exactly that, to the detriment of the believing community they seek to serve.

It’s Howdy Doody Time!

The jollying-up-by-dumbing-down of the liturgy bespeaks a clericalism that doesn’t trust the lay faithful to “get it” without bells and whistles. That lack of trust is offensive.

A New Lenten Discipline

It’s now been a year since I tuned in to a sports talk radio program and I am, I hope, a better man for it—albeit no less a sports nut.

He’s Not “Turning His Back to the People”

Liturgical catechesis is imperative today if the People of God are going to understand the liturgy as an act of worship that equips us for mission.

Intolerance and Evangelization

Cardinal Robert Sarah understands that any serious effort to follow Pope Francis and heal, evangelize, and convert the culture today requires recognizing the truth of the culture wars.