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Cardinal Pell and Squirming Catholics

The Australian Left is still conducting a war of calumny against Cardinal George Pell even after his acquittal by Australia’s High Court of spurious charges the Aussie Left may well have had a hand in concocting.

The Biases of a Royal Commission

As Cardinal George Pell has said, the Australian Church behaved shamefully for decades in dealing with clerical abusers. Yet Pell, the first Australian bishop to address that scandalous situation forcefully, was scapegoated by the Royal Commission for the gross failures of other bishops.

The Anatomy of a Pathology

Those who imagined that the sliming of Cardinal George Pell would stop as of April 7, when a unanimous decision of the High Court of Australia acquitted him of “historical sexual abuse,” did not reckon with the climate of venomous hatred that has surrounded Pell for decades, fouling Australia’s public life, legal system, and politics in the process.

Pell Case Quashed – McCarrick Report Still Pending

For too long the Church reflexively stood with those it was “easy” to believe and “easy” to defend: accused priests. For that we are still paying the price, though the greater price was paid in the suffering of victims. Justice demands better.

After Cardinal Pell’s Rightful Acquittal

The unanimous decision by Australia’s High Court to quash Cardinal George Pell’s convictions on charges of “historic sexual abuse” and acquit him of those crimes was entirely welcome. Yet there remains a lot to be reckoned with in the aftermath of this case, which bore all the tawdry hallmarks of a witch hunt.

Justice, Finally.

It is imperative for the future of the Australian criminal justice system, and indeed for the future of Australian democracy, that a serious examination of conscience followed by a serious public reckoning take place.

A Last Chance for Australian Justice

For Cardinal Pell’s sake, and for Australia’s, it must be hoped that, for once, and on its last chance, the Australian justice system will get it right.

New Year’s Resolutions for Concerned Catholics: A Few Suggestions

May 2020 be a year full of grace for everyone. (We’ll all need it.)

A Last Chance for Australian Justice

The highest judicial authority in Australia will review the Cardinal George Pell case in 2020.

Australian Justice in the Dock

Those who cannot bring themselves to say that Cardinal George Pell deserves to be vindicated share in the ignominy that Australian criminal justice has, thus far, brought upon itself.