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Remembering Lives of Consequence

While every life is fascinating, some lives leave a deeper impress on history than others, and they’re all the more fascinating for it.

White Dwarf

Whatever the fury and turmoil of our times might be, it’s who we love, what we love, and how well we love that determines our destination.

Recovering Friendship

A friend is more than a form of entertainment. The utilitarian way app designers would have us pick friends off a menu reflects quite the opposite approach. Friendships are viewed as more comfortable and more disposable than Allan Bloom, C.S. Lewis, and the Talmud suggest they ought to be.

After Great Pain, Where Is God?

All things may eventually be made new again, but in this life even wounds that heal leave scars.

Why I Cannot Fall in Line Behind Trump

For Mr. Trump, nothing is sacred. The truth is malleable, instrumental, subjective. It is all about him.

The Political Magic of C.S. Lewis

Lewis knew that a faith-informed conscience could advance justice and that Christianity played an enormous part in establishing the concept of natural rights and the dignity of the human person. But he also believed that no political party can come close to approximating God’s ideal.

The Imagination of C.S. Lewis

C.S. Lewis possessed a rare, prized gift – the ability to make goodness, and the Good Life, seem thrilling, radiant, and enchanting; to convince people that the right ordering of our loves can lead to greater fulfillment and to genuine human flourishing.

What Now? Faithful Living in Challenging Times

The public square in Western society is no longer a place where people of orthodox Christian faith can feel they belong with any degree of comfort.

Certitude and Seeking the Truth

The purpose of debating isn’t so much to win an argument as it is to deepen our understanding of how things really and truly are. It isn’t to out-shout an opponent but, at least now and then, to listen to them, to weight their arguments with care, and even to learn from them.