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The Congressional Budget Office Needs to Be Reformed

Its scoring of recent health-care bills points to flaws baked into the modern budget process.

The House Should Slow Down and Fix the GOP Health-Care Bill

The bill suffers from a lack of clarity about how to handle the Senate’s reconciliation rules. Greater clarity would require Republicans to decide between doing more or doing less than this bill envisions.

Trump’s Speech Was Nothing to Celebrate

Trump has set the bar so low that Republicans are celebrating his speech despite his clear departure from conservatism.

The Joint Budget Resolution: A More Collaborative Budget Process

Fixing the federal budget process is not a panacea. But a better process could make it easier for Congress and the president to agree on a budget framework.

Proposals to Reform the President’s Budget and the Congressional Budget Process

Today’s budget process does not facilitate executive-legislative agreement, or help policymakers focus on long-term entitlement spending, which is the country’s primary fiscal challenge.

The Trump Plan: Big Tax Hikes or Big Deficits

Trump’s pledge to reduce deficits by eliminating waste, fraud, and abuse is the most tired, canned answer in the book. It is what politicians say when they have no real ideas.

The Original Understanding of the Role of Congress and How Far We’ve Drifted From It

Congress has written into law many permanent appropriations that cede power to the executive branch. It is time to begin reversing that trend.

Confusion in the Anti-Establishment Ranks

Donald Trump isn’t leading the polls because he is an anti-establishment conservative. He is
leading because he gives voice to popular resentment toward immigration and trade policy.

President Obama’s Budgetary Deceptions

President Obama’s last budget plan demonstrates again that he isn’t serious about confronting the nation’s budgetary challenges.

President Obama’s Legacy of Red Ink

Any fair assessment of the Obama years must acknowledge that the administration is leaving the nation in a perilous fiscal situation. A fiscal crisis of some sort looms on the horizon.