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Is This Really All Trump Has to Offer on Violent Protests?

A president is not a dictator, and he does not have the power to jump in and solve local crime problems at the drop of a hat. But urban rioting stemming from discontent over police violence has become a national problem, and it requires national leadership.

Joe Biden Should Do More Than Just Speak Out Against Violence

So long as the rioting continues, and so long as it occurs almost exclusively in cities controlled by Democrats, Biden’s pronouncements won’t matter much. Many Americans just want the lawlessness to stop.

D.C. Police Arrest Pro-Life Activists for Writing on Public Sidewalk

Someone must be held accountable for the apparent mistreatment two pro-life demonstrators faced — especially after city officials spent months allowing rioters to get away with defacing and destroying private property throughout D.C. in the name of social justice.

‘An Honest Conversation About Race’?

Is confrontation wise? Much progress has been accomplished under cover of hypocrisy—or civility.

The Silent Majority Must Sing

It’s time to push back on what has morphed into a comprehensive assault not only on America itself, but on the very conditions of social peace.

LOL Some Things Matter

The country is finding rare consensus about police reform and systemic racism. Where is the GOP?

Fact-Checking a Memorial Service

Yet again, Obama gave up an opportunity to be a unifying force and used misleading rhetoric to push us further apart.