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Just “Politics”

With the departure of seriousness and responsibility from the political culture, what Freud called “the narcissism of small differences” took over, and the rancorousness and hatred which are now the salient features of our political life have been increasing ever since.

Impeachment for Thee but Not for Me

Wouldn’t our culture be healthier if Democrats had not chosen tribalism over principle in defending Bill Clinton from impeachment? Republicans today are flirting with creating their own awful precedent.

Shades of Presidential Scandals Past

Though impeachment is the wrong remedy, the Mueller report details disturbing conduct that hearkens back to the 1990s.

Twilight of the Unwoke Guys

It’s hard to avoid the conclusion that what we are seeing lately is the media’s attempt to use their own #MeToo narrative to correct the Bill’n’Monica narrative so as to avoid any blame to themselves or the responsibility that any truly “evenhanded” treatment would see as falling on them for the scandal-culture that has taken over our political life.

Why 42 Had to Be Impeached Twenty Years Ago

On this 20th anniversary of the Clinton impeachment, the nation should remember with gratitude those like Henry Hyde who, under fierce assault, stood for the rule of law.

Putting Down the Big Dog

The moral panic over celebrity male sexual misbehavior that has raged through the media since the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke in October seems to be part of the on-going progressive effort to bring about the eviction of President Trump from the executive mansion.

The Uses of Disgrace

Bill Clinton’s shamelessness — and his party’s acquiescence in it — corrupted our culture in profound ways. What we choose to shame or overlook determines what kind of society we are.

In 2016, Clintonism Has Gone Bipartisan

A significant portion of the Republican electorate has clearly decided that the answer to the Clinton squalor is to find a champion who can match them in ugliness.

Trump Threatens Clinton Over Lewinsky? Really?

Look at the man who threatens to pull the trigger on mentioning the Clinton scandals — a serial adulterer who is more removed from twinges of conscience than any figure in American political life.

Advice to the Next President

Every two months, the University of Virginia’s Miller Center will publish a set of short memos offering historical perspective and assessing some of the biggest contemporary challenges the next president will face. In his contribution to the first issue, Peter Wehner offers the next president advice on a range of matters.