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The Coronavirus Is Hurting Millions of People. But There’s One Person Who Could Benefit.

Bernie Sanders’s campaign for the Democratic nomination looked dead in the water just a few days ago. The pandemic, however, may give him new hope.

Why the GOP Didn’t Unite Against Trump the Way Democrats Have Against Sanders

The rapid consolidation of the Democratic establishment behind former vice president Joe Biden has led many pundits to lament that Republican leaders didn’t do the same against Donald Trump in 2016. This error shows how they still misunderstand Trump’s appeal and support.

Biden in an Age of Amazements

The Truman-like resurrection of the presidential candidate would be startling, in normal times—but these aren’t normal times.

Elizabeth Warren Persisted — and Broke the Progressive Cause in the Process

Had Elizabeth Warren dropped out before Super Tuesday, she might have become Bernie Sanders’s vice presidential nominee and the president-in-waiting, given his advanced age. Now she’s just another losing presidential wannabe with the ignominy of getting thrashed in her home state on her résumé.

Biden’s Second Chance

While voters have handed the former vice president another chance, it’s important to recognize why they’ve had doubts.

OK Boomer? Bernie, Biden and Bloomberg Are Older Still

By Inauguration Day 2021, the three leading Democratic candidates would have reached the average U.S. male’s life expectancy.

The Moral Failing of Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders was not a liberal during the Cold War. He was an outright Communist sympathizer.

Democrats Essentially Have a Three-Person Race Now

It looks like that for all of the past year’s hullabaloo, the Democratic primary contest will come down to three septuagenarians who started the race with name identification or money.

American Business Must Rethink Its Relation to Politics

American business needs to get off the path to slow-motion suicide, and to defend the free-enterprise system.

Establishment Democrats Still Fundamentally Misunderstand Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders’s politics may be socialist, but his appeal is that of an outsider. He tells the people dissatisfied with America that tinkering around the edges isn’t enough; the country needs radical change.