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Netanyahu Shows Us Why Indicting a Leader Is Bad for Our Democracy

Any serious charge of criminal behavior by a political leader creates severe political problems for a country, as Benjamin Netanyahu’s indictment shows. But what is problematic for Israel could pose an existential threat to our Constitution.

Trump Accelerates the Dangerous Politicization of Israel

The president’s talk of American Jews’ ‘loyalty’ and interference in two congressional Democrats’ trip to Israel hurt the interests of the Jewish state.

What Do Israeli and U.S. Politics Have in Common? National Identity Crises.

Old ideas of nationalism and traditional religion are not going away; any attempt to create a new Israel or United States needs to accommodate adherents of the old orthodoxies. Fail to heed these lessons, and a country descends into tribalism, recrimination and decline.

Obama’s Attack on Israel

That Barack Obama would exit his presidency with one final betrayal of Israel is a shameful act by the most relentlessly anti-Israeli president in American history.

Take Them at Their Word

Among progressives there is a reflex to downplay and dismiss the grotesque anti-Semitism and anti-Americanism that is a routine part of the rhetoric of the Iranian regime.