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Major League Baseball Should Open Its Season With the All-Star Game

The All-Star Game provides a unifying event for baseball and the country that simply starting the season with a full complement of games cannot match. No other sport has a comparably iconic event that it can stage this spring. This can be a historic grand slam.

Why We Miss Baseball

At a time like this, we need the game that makes time stand still.

Ferocity, Courage, and Grace — Remembering the Great Frank Robinson

It seems wrong to wish Frank Robinson requiescat in pace. He was too ferocious a competitor to imagine him quiescent, even post mortem.

Baseball and Synod 2018

John Paul II never asked young people to take up any challenge he had not accepted, or bear any burden he had not borne. That was palpable, and young people, who have very good baloney detectors, sensed it. Synod-2018 should reflect on that.

Pork Roll, Lent, and Catholic Identity

If our baptisms really set us apart for Christ, then we should live a different temporal rhythm than the rest of the world.

The Importance of Jackie Robinson

On the sapphire jubilee of Jackie Robinson’s first game in the majors, America owes 42 an enormous round of applause and a prayer for the repose of a noble soul.

Golden Memories of a Golden Anniversary

Celebrating a long-awaited World Series title in Baltimore in 1966 was a moment of unalloyed joy—a prolepsis of the Kingdom.

Two Catholics and the Catholic Game

Bill Freehan and Vin Scully: two craftsmen, two family men, two gentlemen, two Catholics, both heading into the twilight.