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Immigrant Assimilation in the United States: Reihan Salam’s Melting Pot or Civil War?

Our immigration crisis needs more than just policy. When making policy changes that relate to immigration, we need to consider the human cost.

The Speech Trump Should Give on Cinco de Mayo

Much as Abraham Lincoln succeeded by appropriating the founder of the Democratic Party, Thomas Jefferson, to his cause, so too must Donald Trump interpret the symbols of those who currently feel hostility to him if he is to win.

Identity and Assimilation

Assimilation has proven so difficult lately not because American culture is too cohesive and self-confident but because it has lost the capacity to tell its own story coherently.

‘Secular’ Is a French Word for ‘Anti-Muslim’

The problems of Muslim integration are much broader than the obstacles thrown up by French secularism. But the secularist mantra stifles public debate and prevents progress on the other dimensions, whether socioeconomic or cultural.