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A Cheerful Conservative

Conservatives today would be wise to emulate Irving Kristol’s humane political realism and the cheerful equanimity with which he approached public life.

The Major Problems Congress Created by Ending the Classical Gold Standard

Congress created the three major economic problems that haunt the United States today by ending the classical gold standard.

How Many People Will Pay the Individual Mandate Tax for 2014?

There could be 8 million Americans who must pay the individual mandate tax when they file their income taxes next spring. That’s a lot of taxpayers, and voters.

Painting a False Portrait

A new book about Norman Rockwell offers a bizarre perspective on the beloved artist’s life and work.

A Message for Russia (and the World)

The head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church offers hope for the future of Ukraine in the face of Russian aggression and Western dithering.

The Obamacare Opportunity

Conservatives have an opportunity to offer a health care reform plan that increases enrollment in insurance just as much as Obamacare, with far less expense and without the disruption, burdensome regulations, and high taxes of Obamacare.

Reality Is Crushing the Obama Presidency

Barack Obama’s failures are piling up so fast, in so many areas, that the failures of his presidency are now well beyond dispute.

Two Popes, Two Saints, One Message

The canonization of Popes John XXIII and John Paul II on the same day makes eminent sense, even as it offers the entire world a valuable lesson

(Neo-) Scholastic Economics and Morality

Getting the history of economic theory wrong inevitably leads to inferior modern theory, particularly regarding morality and economics.

The Other Stealthy Obamacare Menace

Obamacare’s Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation will bring more bureaucratic micromanagement to health care, not progress.