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The First U.S. Cathedral Turns 200

Two hundred years after it was built, the Baltimore Basilica is more than a masterpiece of Federal-style architecture. It is the center of an innovative urban mission in one of America’s most troubled cities, and it is an unparalleled historical site: the place where more U.S. Catholic history was made than at any other.

The Clerisy of the Concrete-And-Glass Box Freaks Out

There isn’t much to laugh at along the Potomac these days. But the freak-out from the modernist architectural establishment and its acolytes in the mainstream media over President Trump’s recent executive order was amusing.

Should I Forgive the Journalist Who Got Me Fired?

The former head of Britain’s Building Better, Building Beautiful Commission says he feels gratitude, not resentment, over his ouster as chairman.

Here’s What I Want from Modern Architecture

Architects need to stop aiming for the ‘iconic’ and focus on everyday beauty.

The Fury of the Modernists

From its beginnings in the Bauhaus, architectural modernism has been less an aesthetic experiment than a moral crusade.

Sacred Sights

A new book details how the Victorians—led by the Tractarians of Oxford and the Ecclesiologists of Cambridge—sought to reintroduce symbolism in churches and to teach churchgoers to “read” a church building like a book.

The Pompidou Centre, Paris’s Great Blemish

From no angle does the ostentatious Pompidou Centre fit in with its surroundings, nor did it occur to its architects that it should.

The Threat of ‘Genius’ to Truly Successful Architecture

The pursuit of genius in architecture is what has most contributed to the unstitching of our urban fabric, giving us those buildings in outlandish shapes and unsightly materials that take a chunk of the city and make it into somewhere else.

All that’s Gehrish

Serious biographies probe deeply; they examine their subjects with a gimlet eye; they are rigorously analytical; they document their statements. They are fair and judicial. Building Art: The Life and Work of Frank Gehry does none of these things.

Beach Bums

On “BEACH” at the National Building Museum, the Eisenhower Memorial, and the end of James Billington’s tenure as Librarian of Congress.