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The Story Behind That Anti-Trump Textbook

The most underappreciated political story of our time is the changing content of K-12 textbooks in history, civics, social studies, and related subjects.

Bad History Is Killing Us

An extraordinary new report shows that our education system is failing to teach history in a way that would inspire the public with the knowledge and desire to protect America’s freedoms.

AP U.S. History Bias Still Runs Deep

Even after revisions to the controversial curriculum framework, it too often presents hotly debated opinions as facts.

How Zinn Gets In: Road to a National Curriculum

Slowly but surely, the College Board, sponsor of the controversial 2014 and 2015 AP U.S. history (APUSH) frameworks, is becoming an unelected national school board, setting curricula—and just as important—largely replacing states and localities as the shaper of both textbooks and teacher training at the high school level.