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Justice Barrett Would Extend Scalia’s Legacy

Amy Coney Barrett’s record, both as a judge and in her earlier career as a distinguished law professor at Notre Dame, shows both her profound commitment to Justice Scalia’s principles of textualism and originalism and her stellar ability to implement them.

The Judicial Divide Between Conservatives and Liberals

EPPC President Ed Whelan was interviewed by The Politic, an undergraduate journal at Yale, about right vs. left on the Supreme Court and more.

Scalia’s Legacy

Justice Antonin Scalia’s mind sparkled like a gem, but perhaps, in our turbulent time, the most important takeaway from a new collection of his speeches is the lesson it teaches about civility.

Interview: Ed Whelan, An EPPC Eye On Judicial Confirmations

A wide-ranging interview with EPPC President Ed Whelan, in which he discusses the Supreme Court confirmation process, clerking for Justice Scalia, listening to Vin Scully, attending the inauguration of Richard Nixon, and what it was like to work in all three branches of the federal government.

A Supreme Successor to Justice Scalia

Rocky Mountain native Neil Gorsuch has an impressive judicial record as an originalist.

New York Times Smears Justice Scalia on Science

The New York Times‘s erroneous claims about Justice Scalia and science are a case study in its irredeemably irresponsible—indeed, flagrantly know-nothing—smugness.

Antonin Scalia, Disciple of the Word

Those who had the privilege of knowing Justice Scalia know him as an exemplar of moral courage, a man who strove to put things right, who wouldn’t be lured away or cowed from doing his duty.

Let’s Break Off the Engagement

Is the libertarian cause of “judicial engagement” anything more than camouflage for libertarian judicial activism?

Celebrating Justice Thomas’s 25 Years on the Supreme Court

Justice Clarence Thomas has built a remarkable corpus of work on a broad range of constitutional provisions, including the commerce clause, the First Amendment’s freedom of speech, and the 14th Amendment’s privileges or immunities clause. His separate opinions, both concurrences and dissents, stand as an enduring legacy.

Politics Without Honor

Progressives have become the captives of their own conceit — not just that their political views are the only correct ones but that they are the only moral ones.