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Is Holocaust Denial Conservative Now?

President Trump’s no-enemies-to-the-right mentality has made it impossible for the right to police itself.

When to Leave?

For Jews, this is the perennial question. A new book explores how Jewish communities around the world are navigating it.

Thinking about Anti-Semitism

Jews top the list of religious-hate-crime victims, but Americans have warmer feelings for Judaism than for any other religion.

Ironic Consequences of Europe’s War Guilt

Seventy-three years after the fall of the Third Reich and 27 years after the implosion of the Soviet Union, the Western world is forgetting what can happen when the center does not hold. The Jews are now, as they have always been, a bellwether.

Trump’s Francification of America

He has undoubtedly infused American politics with the French conservative style, to the detriment of the American conservative style.

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks at the May 2015 Faith Angle Forum

The Faith Angle Forum is a semi-annual conference which brings together a select group of 20 nationally respected journalists with 3-5 distinguished scholars on areas of religion, politics & public life.  “A Religious Response to Religious Violence” South Beach, Florida Speaker: Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, the Ingeborg and Ira Rennert Global Distinguished Professor of Judaic Thought […]

Amorality in the Service of Politics: Obama Apologizes for Iranian Anti-Semitism

It’s profoundly worrying — and morally offensive — that President Obama can shrug off the abundant evidence that the Iranian regime is in the grip of dangerous illusions about Jewish power and Jewish evil, and casually compare it to the kind of anti-Semitism found in modern-day Europe and America.

What Jews and Christians Can Do Together

John Paul II’s approach to Jews and Judaism was shaped by a distinctive conviction that he shared with Elio Toaff — a conviction that was the basis of their friendship, and of their work together: that the biblical story is the world’s story read in its deepest dimension and against its most ample horizon.