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The Catholic Church Doesn’t Do “Paradigm Shifts”

The evolution of the Church’s understanding of the gospel over the centuries is not a matter of “paradigm shifts,” or ruptures, or radical breaks and new beginnings; it’s a question of what theologians call the development of doctrine.

As the Bard Might Say…

Genuine tolerance does not avoid or evade or dismiss differences; it engages differences with charity and civility. Perhaps revisiting As You Like It will encourage those protagonists of Amoris Laetitia who’ve been avoiding a real debate to reconsider.

Whose Bourgeois Morality?

Passionate defenders of Amoris Laetitia might be a bit more careful when dismissing as a “middle-class lobby” those who raise legitimate concerns about the ambiguities in the document.

Do Our Fights Over Pope Francis Have to be This Dumb?

In today’s intra-Catholic debates, the failure is not one of communication; it is one of charity.

Motown and the Turbocharged Church

Under the leadership of Archbishop Allen Vigneron, the Church in Detroit is going on offense, challenging itself to become a diocese of missionary disciples.

Theology isn’t Math; but it is Theology

There are many ways of doing theology, and not all of them are strictly syllogistic. But if theology decays into illogical forms of Newspeak, it is false to itself.

New Year’s Wishes for Some Catholic Brethren

The year ahead promises to be a challenging year for the Catholic Church.