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The Amazing, Horrifying Age of Exaggeration

Hyperbole was more fun in Mencken’s age. Today it’s become ugly and fanatical, a weapon in a holy war.

The Hard Road of National Renewal

“Liberty and Justice for All,” a call for national renewal drafted by scholars concerned about the dangerous deterioration of American public life, insists that we must treat each other as mutually responsible individuals, not as embodiments of racial or ideological categories.

Religion and Polarized Politics: An Interview with Melissa Rogers and Peter Wehner

Two former White House officials discuss how religion has played a part in contributing to the country’s political climate, for better or for worse.

Seeing what we want to see: Millennials look a government, capitalism and religion

The new Economic Values Survey, recently published by the Brookings Institution and the Public Religion Research Institute, has been lighting up the blogosphere this week—with many pundits singing just one tune. “The Rise of the Christian Left in America” is at hand, proclaims Jonathan Merritt on the pages of The Atlantic; clearly we are witnessing “The […]