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The Chosen People and American Exceptionalism

America made each man the guardian of his neighbor’s strangeness and thereby turned strangers into neighbors without destroying or whitewashing what makes each man strange to another. This was a new solution to one of the oldest, most fundamental political challenges in man’s history and the heart of American exceptionalism.

America’s Francification: La Fin

America would do well by building a stronger bipartisan commitment to family policy, and by cultivating a renewed appreciation for America’s founding ideals.

Bumping Hamilton from the $10 Bill Is Arrogant, Ignorant, and Stupid

True to the identity politics of the Democratic party, the Obama treasury department has announced that a to-be-announced female will replace Alexander Hamilton on the currency.

Reclaiming Citizenship

We live in a legal culture besotted by the myth of judicial supremacy. A new book on the Constitution dispels with admirable clarity this and other myths.

God, Our Rights, and the Modern Liberal Mind

The notion of God-given rights is a philosophical thread that runs throughout the history of our country with astonishing consistency and, at least until now, a proposition very few people disputed.

MLK and the American Founding

Among his great contributions was that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. saw great injustice and sought to confront it within the American political tradition.