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What Is the American Idea?

Richard Brookhiser’s Give Me Liberty is a defense of what he calls “America’s Exceptional Idea,” an elegant and lyrical case for the ideal that has shaped America: liberty.

Washington Wealth and the American Desert? Not Yet, But It’s on the Horizon

The expansion of the central megalopolis and the relative desertification of the rest is a feature of Francification. A massive decentralization, not just of political power but of human capital, has long been an American distinctive.

On Nationalism and Exceptionalism

A nationalism of cultural particularism is the only kind of nationalism that can effectively and enduringly serve the cause of national unity. And it is ultimately inseparable from American exceptionalism.

Let’s Embrace Competition In Advanced-Placement Testing

In the battle over the College Board’s Advanced Placement “framework,” the real issue is whether the curriculum will teach a dogmatic progressivism or introduce students to a variety of opinions about the individuals, ideas and institutions that shaped American history.