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Progressives Have More Power Than Anyone Else to Improve the Lives of Black Americans

The Minneapolis City Council’s apparent decision to defund its police force is shocking. It is also a clear demonstration of how much power progressives hold to address racial inequality if they really want to.

Understanding African-American Deaths from COVID-19

Though we can never discount the long-lasting effects of racism, it’s dubious to attribute this pathogen’s lethality to cultural factors.

A Forbidden Word’s Lost Lessons

A professor is under investigation for accurately quoting James Baldwin.

The Danger of Debating Reparations for Slavery

Compensation for slavery is an inviting idea in principle but would be a nightmare in practice. Reparations, in current conditions, would not repair anything.

Two Washington Women

Dovey Johnson Roundtree, an accomplished lawyer who died recently at 104, and the victim in her most famous case were a fascinatingly contrasted American pair.

Why Are Black College Graduates Less Wealthy than Other Grads?

The missing element may be a stable family structure.

Rebuilding a Marriage Culture in 21st-Century Black and Latino America

Faith, it has been said, is an anvil that has worn out many hammers. We need it now more than ever, as the hammer of modernity has fractured our most precious human institutions, marriage and family, leaving much human wreckage behind.

Dr. Albert Raboteau at the November 2015 Faith Angle Forum

I think we need to not be strangers to each other and to each other’s experiences and the more that we can become less estranged, the more there’s a possibility of change. It’s hard to hate somebody who you eat with regularly…