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Trump Is Marching Down the Road to Political Violence

The Republican Party must counteract lies rather than indulge them.

This Presidents’ Day, Let’s Reaffirm That George Washington and Abraham Lincoln Are Heroes

Real racial equality, social as well as legal, remains a work in progress. That progress would not have occurred without Washington and Lincoln.

Lincoln, Douglas, and the Failure of Colorado’s Pro-Life Vote

A cherished defense of those who favor legal abortion later in pregnancy is that such procedures are incredibly rare and are made available only when a mother’s health is at risk or her unborn child suffers from a life-threatening disease. Perhaps such a belief is comforting, but it nevertheless conflicts with reality.

Why We Are Where We Are

It’s hard, verging on impossible, to imagine the president-to-be-inaugurated next January summoning the country to national unity through magnanimity because our political culture has become so coarsened that it cannot cast up presidential candidates capable of credibly making that kind of appeal.

Ruin or Renewal? Thoughts on America’s Third Century

Our political contests are increasingly bitter and render normal political decision making impossible. It is tempting, but wrong, to assume that past will be prologue, that our current divisions are temporary and will fade in short order.

Is the Party of Lincoln Now the Party of Lee?

Hanging racism around Republican necks is the fulfillment of the dearest wish of the Left and could discredit the party for years to come.

‘Patriotism’ Has Always Divided Us. National Memory Can Unite Us.

A patriotism of common national memory could be the answer to the riddle of a politics divided over how to be unified. It is not a way to make our differences go away, but rather to allow us better to live with them and so with each other.

America’s Shakespeare

For Americans, Shakespeare has been a figure of particular reverence, yearning, and vexation. He has stood for the time-honored refinements of civilization that Americans, as late starters, have not yet had time to nourish into full flower. But he has also been the paragon whom stout-hearted democrats believe themselves destined to surpass.

Can We Find Our Way Back to Lincoln?

For many lifelong Republicans, the convention in Cleveland will be a time of serious self-reflection, a difficult and honest reckoning. How on earth did the GOP produce Donald Trump as its nominee?

MLK and the American Founding

Among his great contributions was that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. saw great injustice and sought to confront it within the American political tradition.