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Will Conservatives Give Russia a Pass?

The conservative media world, along with all but a few Republican members of Congress, are ignoring the copious evidence in the Mueller report that Russia interfered in our election and continues to do so.

Conservatives: Think Before You Defend the Electoral College

It is in conservatism’s long-term interest to trade the electoral college for a major reform of our voting system that works for both parties.

Bernie Sanders Is Probably Just Another One-Hit Wonder

Senator Bernie Sanders’s 2016 debut effort was the definition of catching lightning in a bottle. Today, however, Sanders’s songs are not novel.

Sorry, but ‘Her Emails’ Were a Legitimate Scandal and They Deserved to Be Covered

There’s certainly an argument for wondering if coverage of this or that during the crazy 2016 campaign wasn’t a bit too intense. There is, however, no possible rational argument that Hillary Clinton’s email scandal was not a real, legitimate scandal, deserving of widespread coverage and opprobrium.

The Manafort Revelations Raise a Haunting Question for Trump

The apparent revelation that former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort shared polling data with a suspected Russian intelligence asset has predictably reignited questions of possible Trump campaign collusion with Russia.

Take Salena Zito Seriously and Literally

Salena Zito’s books, CNN appearances, and columns give voice to the blue-collar voters who delivered victory to President Trump in 2016. That is why Twitter trolls are poring over her work to find any error, no matter how slight, to discredit her.

John Kasich’s 2020 Dream

For John Kasich, winning in 2020 would require persuading some of the more centrist voters who voted for Clinton or Trump in 2016 to jump ship. The policies that Kasich has so far proposed, however, are not likely to do the trick.

Gaslighting Themselves: Why Trump Critics Miss the Obvious

It’s not just that President Trump’s opponents find him odious at best and dangerous at worst: it’s that they have little to no sense of why people might disagree with them and why the president’s ultimate demise is far from the smug certainty they assume it is.

A Thought on the Trump-DOJ Scandal

We Americans have a habit of putting fundamental social and political questions out of our minds by turning them into technical legal questions. This tendency is one of the forces at work in the increasingly dramatic showdown between the Department of Justice and the President.

The Trump Coalition and the Electoral College

Demographic change means that Republicans and non-progressives must act now if they do not want to cede political control to the Left.