Yuval Levin

A Constitutional Emergency?

We do not need to tie ourselves in knots around the fine legalities to see that taking the kind of action President Trump has said he is considering would violate the structure of our Constitution.

The Populism Debates

Markets sometimes offer ways to solve problems from the bottom up and to allow for an edifying diversity of solutions to coexist at once, and so can be allied to the logic underlying a commitment to civil society. And yet, markets and a traditional moral order characterized by commitments to family, faith, community, and country can also be in very great tension with one another.

How Does the Shutdown End?

To a greater degree than has been the case in other shutdowns in this century, both sides entered this one unexpectedly and without a plan, and neither really has much leverage over the other.

‘Judicial Fortitude’ Review: Time for Congress to Do Its Job

Imagine a world where the legislative branch actually legislates, courts interpret laws and executive agencies faithfully execute them.

What Happened to Bioethics?

Twenty years ago, even ten years ago, bioethics was a prominent national issue, and an active and intensely contested political question. Such intense focus on bioethics seems almost strange now. But in order to think about why, and about what lessons we can learn about where things stand today, we might recall a couple of facets of that unusual period of intense focus on bioethics, particularly the stem cell debate in the first decade of this century.

Law Schools and Democracy

Recovering the distinct purposes and characters of our different institutions, rather than seeing them all as interchangeable platforms for screaming at each other about the culture war, is the essence of what a renewal of American civic life would require.

A Toast to the Standard

The closing of the Weekly Standard is tragic not so much for the loss of a venue for conservative political opinion writing, or the loss of an outlet for clear-eyed political journalism. The Standard was both of those things, and its demise would have been bad news even if they were all it did. But it is tragic news because the magazine did so much more.

Chronic Condition

We are likely at a moment of sustained stalemate on health care rather than on the brink of another progressive breakthrough.

Help Wanted?

As befits his general pattern, President Trump is going about replacing his chief of staff in an absurd, shambolic fashion.

George Bush and Our World Order

In mourning George H.W. Bush’s passing, we should pray for the wisdom to build on what the 41st president and his generation left behind.