Yuval Levin

George Bush and Our World Order

In mourning George H.W. Bush’s passing, we should pray for the wisdom to build on what the 41st president and his generation left behind.

Growth and Work

Over the past few days, a very interesting and worthwhile debate has arisen among several thoughtful conservatives about growth, work, and prosperity.

The Midterm Confidence Spiral

The results of the midterms were hardly signs of a coming political revolution, and they don’t even put this election on the level of the 2010 recoil from the Obama Administration’s first two years. But within the important swing block of suburban voters, which both parties need to attract if they are to build and sustain durable coalitions, the Democrats did significantly better than they first appeared to on election night.

The 2018 Midterms Told a Tale of Two Weak Parties

The peculiar mixed result of Tuesday’s midterms should help us see the distinct and troubling character of our politics now: It is the weakness of all sides, and the strength of none, that shapes this moment.

Some Election Implications

In Washington, as at the state level, a period of significant Republican dominance is ebbing some now without having achieved much that is likely to endure.

Publius the Institutionalist

Rather than ideology, our political culture at this point is almost entirely the function of a kind of breakdown of our social psychology, unleashed and unmoored from institutional constraints. Revisiting the Federalist Papers can help us to see our modern dilemmas more clearly.

The More Things Change…

A defense of academic integrity that can’t distinguish between hearing from a virulent if entertaining troll and hearing from a distinguished if unorthodox social scientist isn’t going to capture the essential purpose of academic integrity, or win the assent of the persuadable. That greater purpose of academic life is what is now at stake in our campus debates, and it is what is always at stake in serious campus debates.

The Entitlement Crisis Is Looming

President Trump has put an end to the fighting over entitlement reform by simply refusing to face the problem altogether, in effect denying that any solution is needed at all. He has taken the Democrats’ denial a step further, and Republicans have been all too willing to follow his lead.

VIDEO: Yuval Levin on the Weakness of Congress

EPPC Hertog Fellow Yuval Levin appeared on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal to discuss his recent article on the weakness and failure of Congress.

Tariffs and the Debt

Whatever one thinks of tariffs, “paying down large amounts of the $21 Trillion in debt that has been accumulated” is not something they could achieve. Maybe the president knows that, maybe he doesn’t.