Yuval Levin

American Journalism as an Institution

Journalism faces a crisis of public confidence, a crisis of integrity and trust. While complaints about the media naturally fall into the grooves of popular rejection of elite authority, they often have at least as much to do with skepticism about the integrity of the mainstream media as with its power.

The Do-Nothing Budget

A bipartisan agreement setting two-year caps on spending would strangle any real Republican agenda going forward.

How Democracies Panic

The inability to worry properly without panicking makes it much harder for our politics to take the future seriously, to consider tradeoffs, and to see the case for less-than-radical policy action.

Yes, Trump Is Weak. So Is Congress.

President Trump’s weakness has shed light on Congress’s weakness, and should force legislators to face some tough questions about the state of their own institution.

The Uses of Friendships: Moses Mendelssohn

The life of 18th-century German intellectual Moses Mendelssohn does not hold some secret answer to the challenges that confront our age. But he offers a model of taking such challenges seriously, and of keeping in mind the importance not only of toleration and of steadfastness but also of friendship, which can sometimes bridge the two.

The Trump Show

A televised White House discussion on immigration suggests something about both the strengths and the weaknesses of Donald Trump’s very unusual way of being president.

The Supernumerary Executive

When you talk to senior officials in the current administration about their work, and when you listen to the ways they talk about it with journalists and activists, it’s hard to avoid the conclusion that what we are seeing in the Trump era so far is the emergence of something like the inverse of the unitary executive. 

The 2018 Republican Agenda

With tax reform behind them and a congressional-election year just begun, Republicans in Washington seem remarkably uncertain about what they want to do with their control of the presidency and Congress at this point.

No, HHS Did Not ‘Ban Words’

A story about supposed censorship at the Centers for Disease Control probably tells us more about the attitudes and assumptions of the career officials in various HHS offices than about the political appointees of the administration they are now supposed to be working for.

Performer in Chief

Ten months into his presidency, President Trump’s ambition seems to have been something like a desire to put himself at the center of our national consciousness and attention.