Stephen P. White

As Trump Meets the Pope, Trump’s Detractors are Still Failing to Persuade His Catholic Voters Away from Him

Attempts to stymie President Trump politically by delegitimizing him religiously reek of opportunism.

Callista Gingrich Suits the Job of Vatican Ambassador. But Can Newt Stay Out of the Spotlight?

Callista Gingrich will have a delicate task. Her indefatigable husband could complicate things.

Trump’s Disappointing Executive Order and Narrow View of Religious Liberty

The order does very little to address the most pressing challenges to religious freedom that have arisen in recent years and suggests the White House misunderstands the problem.

Twenty-Sixth Annual Tertio Millennio Seminar

Tertio Millennio Seminar on the Free Society Kraków, Poland June 26- July 13, 2017 The Tertio Millennio Seminar on the Free Society was founded in 1992 by Michael Novak, Rocco Buttiglione, Father Richard John Neuhaus, Father Maciej Zięba OP and George Weigel to deepen the dialogue on Catholic social doctrine between North American students and […]

A Trump Presidency Brings Opportunity but also Great Risk

Democrats are reeling and the Republicans have a chance to reshape the Supreme Court. But things could still go badly.

VIDEO: Stephen P. White on Red, White, Blue, and Catholic

EPPC Fellow Stephen P. White appeared on EWTN’s News Nightly to discuss his new book Red, White, Blue, and Catholic.

VIDEO: Can American Catholics be Good Citizens?

EPPC Fellow Stephen P. White took part in discussion sponsored by the American Enterprise Institute regarding Mr. White’s new book Red, White, Blue, and Catholic.

Interview: How Catholics Can Be Good Citizens and Not Despair

EPPC Fellow Stephen White discusses his new book in an interview with NRO’s Kathryn Jean Lopez.

Red, White, Blue, and Catholic

Click here to purchase Red, White, Blue, and Catholic on Amazon, or click here to publish it directly from Ligouri Publications. The Church’s work of evangelization and her contribution to the good of society are inseparable. As Catholics and as American citizens, we are called to do more than just vote, and called to do more […]

Catholicism’s American Revolution

From annulments to pro-life activism, the American Church is blazing a trail for the rest of the Catholic world.