Stephen P. White

Why Neil Gorsuch is an Outstanding Supreme Court Nomination

Gorsuch is good news for religious and social conservatives – and for those who value the separation of powers.

A Trump Presidency Brings Opportunity but also Great Risk

Democrats are reeling and the Republicans have a chance to reshape the Supreme Court. But things could still go badly.

VIDEO: Stephen P. White on Red, White, Blue, and Catholic

EPPC Fellow Stephen P. White appeared on EWTN’s News Nightly to discuss his new book Red, White, Blue, and Catholic.

VIDEO: Can American Catholics be Good Citizens?

EPPC Fellow Stephen P. White took part in discussion sponsored by the American Enterprise Institute regarding Mr. White’s new book Red, White, Blue, and Catholic.

Interview: How Catholics Can Be Good Citizens and Not Despair

EPPC Fellow Stephen White discusses his new book in an interview with NRO’s Kathryn Jean Lopez.

Red, White, Blue, and Catholic

Click here to purchase Red, White, Blue, and Catholic on Amazon, or click here to publish it directly from Ligouri Publications. The Church’s work of evangelization and her contribution to the good of society are inseparable. As Catholics and as American citizens, we are called to do more than just vote, and called to do more […]

Catholicism’s American Revolution

From annulments to pro-life activism, the American Church is blazing a trail for the rest of the Catholic world.

The Pope’s Climate Change Message is Really About Rethinking What it Means to be Human

What makes the new encyclical truly radical — in the sense of going to the root — is the pope’s reading of the profound human crisis that he sees underlying our modern world.

Strong Medicine: The World Needs to Hear the Message of Laudato Si’

The Pope’s forceful, and in many ways radical, critique of our modern world is not built upon a particular reading of the scientific literature, but upon the Church’s understanding of the gift of creation and the place of man within creation.

A Sign of Contradiction

To read “Laudato Si’” through the anthropologically flimsy lens of today’s policy debates—however important or urgent—is to miss the true foundations upon which Pope Francis grounds his call to defend creation.