Stanley Kurtz

The Politics of the Administrative State

Increasingly, if perhaps without us yet quite recognizing it, the battle over the scope and legitimacy of the administrative state has moved out of the shadows and into the very center of our political life.

Campus Shout-Down Rate Nearly Quadruples

The spring semester of 2017 will long be known for popularizing this fearsome technique of speech suppression. Remarkably, however, as we approach the halfway mark of the Fall 2017 semester, the rate of shout-downs is now nearly quadruple that of last spring.

Campus Chaos: Daily Shout-Downs for a Week

Disruptions of speakers on college campuses are coming at a substantially higher rate than in the second semester of last academic year. The targets are also expanding.

The Campus Free-Speech Crisis Deepens

The campus free-speech crisis has outrun state legislation designed merely to abolish speech codes and free-speech zones. Unless educators and legislators tackle the need to discipline speaker shout-downs, classroom invasions, building takeovers, and the like, campuses will continue to spin out of control.

In Defense of Campus Free-Speech Legislation

A proposal co-authored by EPPC Senior Fellow Stanley Kurtz would use sunlight and persuasion to prod the existing system of university governance into protecting and preserving freedom of speech.

Year of the Shout-Down: It Was Worse Than You Think

A fully empowered campus left unworried about repercussions will turn its violence and intimidation beyond visiting speakers to administrators, faculty, and students.

Louisiana Succeeds Where Middlebury Failed

A campus free-speech bill passed by the Louisiana legislature, like the proposal it is modeled on, systematically addresses the need to discipline students who shout-down visiting speakers.

Can Deregulation Restore Campus Free Speech?

A reply to Peter Augustine Lawler.

Understanding the Campus Free-Speech Crisis

What’s gone wrong on our college campuses and how can we fix it?

Congressional Testimony: Hearing on First Amendment Protections on Public College and University Campuses

What steps can we take to protect freedom of speech in our public university systems, and perhaps even at private secular colleges and universities as well?