Stanley Kurtz

A Book for Our Times: Peter Wood’s 1620 Skewers 1619 Project

More than a powerful refutation, Peter Wood’s 1620 is a withering appraisal and deadpan skewering of the 1619 Project as a cultural phenomenon.

Trump Establishes 1776 Commission

A new executive order marks an important step in President Trump’s efforts to foster patriotic education.

Biden’s Bipartisan Plan: Destroy American Education

The campus free-speech crisis, kicked into high gear by the election of President Trump in 2016, has metastasized into the woke revolution of 2020, transforming American attitudes toward education in the process.

Interview: How the West Was Lost

EPPC Senior Fellow Stanley Kurtz joined Richard M. Reinsch II on the Law and Liberty podcast “Law Liberty Talk” to discuss his new book The Lost History of Western Civilization.

Letter Calls for Withdrawal of ‘1619 Project’ Pulitzer

By striking the most famous claim of the 1619 Project and then covering up that act, the New York Times and Nikole Hannah-Jones have retroactively exposed their effort as a bad-faith project.

How to Take Back American History

Our schools have buried the glory and beauty of America’s story under a mountain of misplaced guilt and tendentious ideology.

Against the 1619 Curriculum

Choice and local control remain the best defenses against a suffocating national education orthodoxy.

Bogus Fact Checks on Suburban Zoning Issue

When it comes to the issue of zoning and the suburbs, the media’s supposed fact-checkers are comprehensively wrong.

Your Suburb or Your Roads: Biden Will Do in One or the Other

One way or another, Biden’s unprecedented plan to use state road funding to compel the elimination of single-family zoning is going to harm Americans profoundly.

Tom Cotton Introduces Campus Free-Speech Bill

Tom Cotton’s Campus Free Speech Restoration Act is at the leading edge of the fight to restore liberty and constitutional principle to our college campuses — and to our country.