Stanley Kurtz

The Story Behind That Anti-Trump Textbook

The most underappreciated political story of our time is the changing content of K-12 textbooks in history, civics, social studies, and related subjects.

AUDIO: Stanley Kurtz on Marxist A.P. History Books

EPPC’s Stanley Kurtz joined Seth Leibsohn on May Day to discuss the politically correct—and frankly Marxist—textbooks that Advanced Placement U.S. History students are reading in classrooms across America.

The Campus Free-Speech Crisis Is Real, and Clemson’s Got It

Some commentators have argued that the so-called campus free-speech crisis rests on a series of isolated shout-down anecdotes and that these anecdotes are contradicted by opinion surveys showing broad student support for free speech. But a look at the past twelve years of “anecdotes” from Clemson University shows the crisis is very real. And if the campus free-speech crisis is alive at Clemson, it’s likely far more widely spread.

Georgia’s Colleges Are Suppressing Christian Speech

Georgia’s public colleges and universities have been using unconstitutional speech zones to suppress Christian speech in a state where traditional Christians make up a large part of the citizenry. If even the dominant view in Georgia can be ostracized and banned at its universities through flagrantly unconstitutional acts, then the rights of every student in the state will be subject to the whims of irresponsible administrators.

AUDIO: Stanley Kurtz Discusses Campus Speech Legislation on KKNT

EPPC Senior Fellow Stanley Kurtz appeared on KKNT’s “The Seth and Chris Show” to discuss his model legislation for states to protect free speech at public universities.

The Politics of the Administrative State

Increasingly, if perhaps without us yet quite recognizing it, the battle over the scope and legitimacy of the administrative state has moved out of the shadows and into the very center of our political life.

Campus Shout-Down Rate Nearly Quadruples

The spring semester of 2017 will long be known for popularizing this fearsome technique of speech suppression. Remarkably, however, as we approach the halfway mark of the Fall 2017 semester, the rate of shout-downs is now nearly quadruple that of last spring.

Campus Chaos: Daily Shout-Downs for a Week

Disruptions of speakers on college campuses are coming at a substantially higher rate than in the second semester of last academic year. The targets are also expanding.

The Campus Free-Speech Crisis Deepens

The campus free-speech crisis has outrun state legislation designed merely to abolish speech codes and free-speech zones. Unless educators and legislators tackle the need to discipline speaker shout-downs, classroom invasions, building takeovers, and the like, campuses will continue to spin out of control.

In Defense of Campus Free-Speech Legislation

A proposal co-authored by EPPC Senior Fellow Stanley Kurtz would use sunlight and persuasion to prod the existing system of university governance into protecting and preserving freedom of speech.